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We want you to have an amazing experience at Edge VR Arcade which is why we’ve put together this short tutorial to get you up to speed and playing VR like a pro in no time. You can also speed up your check-in process by signing our waiver online.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Take a look below to find answers to some common questions.
What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual Reality, or VR, is a new form of video entertainment. Up till now, we’ve always looked at games and movies on a flat screen. Virtual reality allows the player to actually enter the world and be fully immersed in it. You are no longer watching a game, you are inside it. The only way to truly understand VR is to experience it!
I have Virtual Reality on my phone. Is this the same?
Phone based Virtual Reality is a very limited version of VR. To have the absolute best experience, you need a high-end computer, a large play space and special tracking for your headset and controllers. Our VR stations offer a completely new level of VR that you can’t get on your phone. Just like watching a movie on your phone isn’t as good as in a theater, VR is so much better at Edge VR Arcade!
Will VR make me sick?

The majority of our experiences our very comfortable for everyone. We do have some games that a few people find more intense. Our staff can help you find the best VR experience while you’re hear so that you can have fun and be comfortable.

I don't play video games. Would I like VR?
Absolutely! We offer a wide range of experiences and have discovered that people of all ages and demographics love VR. This is because you’re not just sitting on a couch and pushing buttons on a controller, you’re actually doing the things in real life. Shooting a bow and arrow at an invading orc, cooking food for your customer, dodging fire from enemy robots, shining a flashlight down a mysterious corridor, walking on a plank off the edge of a skyscraper…these are all experiences you yourself enter into.
This is my first time at Edge VR. What should I expect?

Welcome! We can’t wait to have you experience a whole new world of entertainment. Make sure you’ve watched the instructional videos on the Info page and sign our Waiver. You can book your gaming session online ahead of time if you wish. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment so we can get you checked in. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, we may allow waiting players to rent your reserved station. Socks are required. If you don’t have socks, they can be purchased at our front desk for $1. Our attendants are ready to help you and answer any questions you have when you arrive.

How do I book time?

You can rent our VR stations either by walking in or by booking online. If you plan to walk-in, feel free to give us a call ahead of time to see if there is any wait. If you would like to book an event, please email us for arcade availability.

Do you have any non-VR games?

Yes! You can hangout in our Game Room (Couch Co-op and 8 Xbox stations) or 10 PC stations. For more information go to edgegamerslounge.com

What kind of cleaning procedures do you have?

The health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is top priority to us. All of our headsets and controllers are thoroughly cleaned with sanitizing wipes. Sanitary face masks are also available upon request. We also have Air Doctor air sanitizers that run throughout the arcade.

How many people can play at a time?

Each of our stations are designed for one player at a time, but we do allow players to swap in and out of our Booth VR stations during their play session. If you and a friend want to play at the same time, you can rent two or more stations and try out a variety of our multiplayer games.

How does a VR Arcade work?

You can rent time on one (or more) of our various VR stations. While you’re in your VR session, you’ll have access to our full game library for each station and can change between your game at any time. You can also play games with your friends in our multiplayer games. When your time is up, the game will stop and can hop back out.

Can I play more than one game during my session?

If you choose a Virtual Escape Room, they are designed to be the only experince during your session.

If you are accessing our standard Booth VR station, each station offers a variety of games to choose from that you are free to switch between as often as you like during your session. Some experiences are short and some are longer. It’s up to you to choose what experience you want. If you need help choosing, take a look at our Games page or ask one of our attendants for suggestions.

Is there an age, weight or height requirement?

We recommend ages 10 and up however we do allow players as young as 8 to play as long as they can comfortably use the equipment. This is due to the size of the headsets and the fact that most game experiences are scaled for adults.

Virtual Escape Rooms have recomended ages, but if you don’t mind helping out a younger player during your experince, we’ll leave that up to you.

Players 12 and under require direct adult supervision by a parent or guardian on all stations.

I wear glasses. Can I use VR?
Some glasses will fit in the headsets, but larger frames will not. We recommend wearing contact lenses if you can.
Do you serve food and drinks?

Yes we do! We serve delicious pizza, chicken, cheese curds and more along with soft drinks and beer. No carry-ins please. Click here to see our full menu.



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