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At Edge VR Arcade, we have 3 different types of VR stations. Each offers a unique set of games to choose from. Hop into your own single-player gaming session or compete with your friends in our multiplayer games for 2-4 players.


Explore strange and exciting new worlds in our room-scale booths. Whether you’re a casual or extreme gamer, you’ll love having the wide variety of games and experiences to choose from.


Walk or run at full speed on our omni-directional treadmills. Blast away robots in the arena or speed-run target courses for the highest score.


Take the wheel of our simulator and experience a whole new level of racing. Complete with a force-feedback wheel and motion platform seat to help you feel every curve of the course.


We have 3 categories of games to choose from. Whatever your age, whatever your play style, there is a game for you!


Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. There are many experiences that allow you to explore impossible locations. Travel to the depths of the ocean, ascend to the highest mountain, blast off into space…and so much more!


These games are easy to pick up and play and a great place to hang out for new VR gamers. Get lost in your own world where you can fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog…and so much more!


Get ready to experience the next level of gaming. Go inside a variety of first-person-shooters and kill robots or zombies, race across dirt tracks, become a gladiator…and so much more!



2642 Packerland Drive
Green Bay, WI 54313

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Thursday: 3PM-10PM
Friday: 3PM-10PM
Saturday: 10AM-10PM
Sunday: 11AM-8PM
Monday-Wednesday: Private Reservations Only